This is currently a bit of a work in progress…

Our other projects:

  • 50 Year Storm – our new band. Since moving to Cornwall we’re started a Tarantino influenced rock band, check us out!

Travel blogs:

  • Twenty Years Hence – a great read and a useful resource. Check out Steph and Tony’s ‘budgeting’ category for extensive and useful info on daily budgets for the countries they’ve visited.
  • Fancy Travel – the website of two lovely Canadians we met in China, who we subsequently became very good friends with.
  • Backpacking Matt – this guy helped inspire our NZ campervan adventure!
  • No place to be – one of the first travel blogs we drooled over whilst planning our trip.
  • Travelwrite – an inspirational South African travelblog.
  • TravelChum – a new resource for meeting other travellers.
  • Cocktails and Wanderlust – Travel and lifestyle blog

 Trip planning resources:

  • The Man in Seat 61 – proved invaluable throughout our travels. Want to get somewhere by train anywhere in the world? This guy has the info!
  • Hostelworld – a great site for pre-booking, or just researching accommodation.


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