Travelling – The Plan

Backpacking around the world

So, after two and a half years of saving (no holidays, home-made sandwiches for lunch, walking the streets…only joking) we’re finally off travelling! Yay! It was a big jump into the unknown, selling our flat, furniture, car and quitting our jobs, but hey, when something like traveling the world is in the back of your head, niggling away at you whilst sat at your grey office desk, I’d definitely say there’s something wrong with you… just kidding, I mean go for it!

Everyone had been saying to us ‘if not now, then when?’, and I am a firm believer of that. We weren’t ready for kids just yet, I’m still a big kid at heart and my crazy adventurous side is busting to get out and rock the world before I turn 30. We’ve got a quite a long list of places that we’ll be visiting, so here’s the plan (and the part in which we make you feel sick with envy):

  • 16th April 2012 – Leaving the UK via T5 Heathrow. Spare pair of underpants please.
  • 17th April 2012 – Landing in Beijing, China. Working our way south overland visiting places such as Beijing (Great Wall of China), Xi’an (terracotta army), Chengdu (pandas, wey hey!), Jiuzhaigou (crystal clear lakes from the film Hero), Chongqing (where the Yangtze river meets the Jialing river), Guilin and Yangshuo (cormorant fisherman in picturesque settings), Shenzhen (boarder to Hong Kong).
  • 16th May 2012 – Entering Hong Kong for a short stay.
  • 18th May 2012 – Flying to Bangkok, Thailand. Working our way through northern Thailand into Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and back into Thailand where we then head south to the islands. Sweeeeeeeet! We then carry on south to Singapore.
  • 6th August 2012 – Flying to Bali, Indonesia. Checking out all the islands, trying out some surf and seeing all our lovely friends who will be flying out to see us.
  • 3rd September 2012 – Flying to Perth, Australia. Visiting some old school friends.
  • 10th September 2012 – Flying to Cairns, Australia. Buying a funky camper van and driving down the east coast to Sydney (where Mum will be waiting for us).
  • 26th November 2012 – Flying to Auckland, New Zealand. Cue Lord of the Rings music! Buying another camper van and driving down every road possible, exploring the north and south islands. Trout fishing hell yea!
  • 4th March 2013 – Flying to Oahu, Hawaii. Grass skirts, barrel waves and lots of ‘Aloha!’. Seeing our Mexican Hawaiian friend Melissa xxx
  • 25th March 2013 – Flying to Vancouver, Canada. Buying jumpers and gloves as its going to be freeeeeezing! Maybe fitting in some skiing/boarding if we are lucky.
  • 15th April 2013 – Flying home to the UK. Our epic trip is over.