Beijing – Jingshan Park and the Forbidden City


Ok, so I wrote this blog whilst pretty drunk last night on my third litre of draft Chinese beer, listening to Limp Bizkit in our first hostel in Beijing – The Happy Dragon Hostel (my first and favourite hostel EVER!!!!!!) So far our trip to this county has been ace! The people are super friendly, helping us on the metro with our tickets etc, whilst we were wearing stupidly massive backpacks. The flight was good, although me and Andy are very ill with the worst colds of our lives and me with pink eye (cheers to whoever farted on my pillow!). Me and Andy have limited supplies of tissue to blow chunks of our bloody noses into, however after a few days here, we will probably act like the Chinese – hack it and whack it up on the street.


Beijing is full of tourists like us and Chinese alike. Aside from us, there are the very rich and the extremely poor (going round the city collecting plastic bottles to sell on for their earnings). However,  its so clean and beautiful here, not what i was expecting at all (especially after our recent city break to Pairs where I saw a tramp shitting in the street!).


Within our first two days, we have roamed the hutongs of Beijing, seen the farmers markets (saw f**king moving scorpions on sticks!!!), hiked the amazing hill of Jingshan mountain (with views of the City) and visited Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. OMG that was amazing and I’m totally blown away by their past and culture. The gardens were particularly beautiful, my favourite part of the Forbidden City.


A lot of people stare at us, probably our massive Roman noses had something to do with that. Andy got a picture taken by some random Chinese dude in the garden of the Forbidden City. Probably thought he was Christian Bale with his new shaved cylindrical lid ha ha! Anyway, its nice to know we can now update you all via our blog/Facebook. More from us and our adventure on the Great Wall soon …


Emmy Limn over and out xxx


3 thoughts on “Beijing – Jingshan Park and the Forbidden City

  1. OMG it looks amazing, I never fancied china but your pics are changing my mind. We are just on our way back to Essex for the wedding, you will be missed! Loving the updates, you guys can just print this out when you get home! Xxx

    • Thanks Coopsta, enjoy the wedding today and send Adam and Kat our love. You would love China, especially the street of snacks, you’d love a scorpion 🙂

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