Last day in Chengdu – the People’s Park madness


Our last day in Chengdu was a chilled one spent blogging, organising photos and Skyping. Unfortunately when I skyped my mum, we couldn’t hear her, so we had to lip read and rely on her super fast typing to have a chat. Was lovely to see you though mum ๐Ÿ™‚

Afterwards we strolled downtown to the People’s Park where everyone goes to walk, run, dance, play badminton, sing karaoke and row boats on the tiny lake. As soon as we walked through the park’s gates, we couldn’t hear ourselves think, it was so loud! Holly Valance’s ‘Kiss Kiss’ song booming out from the right for the people learning how to salsa, some old dude warbling a traditional Chinese tune from the left and people all around us either clapping their hands or chatting away with friends and family. I loved it! It was truly mental but everyone was in high spirits and having the best time. Andy and I danced to a live band whilst walking round one of the many tea house gardens in there and had a permanent smile on our faces.

In one of the squares, a brightly dressed man with half his teeth missing approached us with some chalk in his hand. He couldn’t speak English but could write it, so he began to scribble on the pavement that he was in the war against the Nazis (yep he was drawing tanks, guns and massive Swasticker symbols by our feet! Awkward!). We couldn’t figure out what war he meant as he described to us that he fought against the Japs too and maybe the Russians? God knows, all I knew was that we had a massive crowd around us now, I had a nervous sweat on and the toothless man was getting more and more animated. Suddenly, a young cross-eyed, overweight boy walked into the circle of people around us and started to Egyptian belly dance towards Andy. The toothless man started to laugh and wrote ‘IDIOT’ in chalk, pointing at the boy. That was our cue to leave, so we did…swiftly!

We spent the evening back at the hostel drinking beer and chatting to a lovely Canadian couple who are almost doing the same route round the world as us. We hope to see them again in Yangshuo in a couple of days time and even in Bali in August! It was obvious after talking with them that we had over packed for this trip. Actually after speaking with most people we’ve met so far we’ve realised that we have taken way too much with us. So that night I threw more clothing and underwear away, so now I only have 7 knickers instead of 14. My bag felt lighter already ๐Ÿ™‚

Off to Chongqing tomorrow on a bullet train, first class no less! Will miss Chengdu, I like it here. Who knows what lies ahead…

Emmy xxx

10 thoughts on “Last day in Chengdu – the People’s Park madness

  1. Looks gorgeous you two, amazing! just vaught up with the last couple of posts, do the Chinese get theirs ears cleaned on the street then? And Emma, was the woman in front of u in the trough toilet doing a number 1 or 2? Haha. How much longer have you got in China? All is good here, H is

  2. Hey Emmy, that park sounds so random, but looks lovely. Hope you got the bullet train ok. Think we’ve fixed the microphone prob so skype should be up and running again ok. Love you guys xx

  3. Ha ha trust you two to draw a crowed round you! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Emmy you got rid of your pants?? Surely they didn’t take up too much room, unless they are Bridget jones stylee!
    We spent the weekend decorating the spare room! It’s all ready for ya

  4. Wow lovin all the comments guys! Kate, 3 women were doing a turnout in front of me. With a tickly lung infection, it was hard to hold my breath whilst I had a wee. So gross! Yep people let old men clear their ears out on the streets with a pair of giant dirty tweezers and brushes, previously enjoyed of course. In Guilin now, so beautiful and chilled out compared to rest of China. Mid 30s here though, so sweaty tits. Got till 15th May till we leave China for Hong Kong. It’s gone crazy fast! Can’t wait to skype on Sat, missing you guys, especially Harry too ๐Ÿ™‚ love you lots xxxx

  5. Hey mum! Yay let’s skype soon then, we will see how our next hostels wifi is and maybe skype people on sat. Does that sound good? What times good for you? Got bullet train fine, didn’t think much of Chongqing, way too hot, busy and made to feel like a freak as literally everyone down each street stopped to stare at us. Scary! Got a 21 hour train to Guilin, so that’s where we are now. Much more hotter but people here are used to seeing Westeners and the surroundings are beautiful. I like it here :0) Speak to you soon, love you xxx

  6. Ha ha Coopster! I hope it’s to our taste or I won’t stay :0) No they weren’t Bridget Jones ones, but they did seem to take up space somehow. Andys ones are full pantage and still has 14 pairs the crazy fool! Ha ha! Going to chuck jeans next me thinks and maybe the DCs. Yep my beloved birthday ones reek to high heaven, they are stinking my bag out. I’m now wearing my hiking trainers with air holes but they smell too. In flip flops now. Oh what to do!? Would they wash ok? Don’t really want to throw them :0( Love ya from the smelly pirate hooker xxx

  7. Ha ha im surprised you took 2 pairs of shoes!! They would wash ok, but I wouldn’t be offended if you had to ditch them. Xx

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