Terracotta Warriors, Xi’an city wall bike ride and the terrifying Mount Hua Shan


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Hey everyone! I’m going to try to bring you all up to date with where we currently are, there’s lots to tell you so here we go. After our overnight train to Xi’an we arrived at our hostel, the Han … Continue reading

A 300 yr old brothel, the Summer Palace and the 11hr train ride to Xi’An


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Hey everyone! Long time no see (or hear in our case!). I know its been a while since our last blog, sorry about that, but its pretty hard to keep up to date with the world when you are having … Continue reading

We have access!

Hi everyone, it’s Andy here. We’ve managed to bypass the firewall here in China with a VPN so we’ll be able to start putting posts up from now on, it’s painfully slow so there won’t be too many pictures I’m afraid. Something will be on it’s way soon…