Soundtrack to our time in China

Hey everyone, just a quick post today. On our first day in China we laid in bed, jet-lagged while the bar below our room played a lovely Chinese song on loop. Most songs would start to grate after a while but this one was so dreamy and lovely it fitted our tired and dazed mood perfectly. We never found out what the song was called. All through China we’d hear it played but no one could ever tell us what it was called or who sung it. We left China quite sad as we thought we’d never hear it again. We’d searched youtube and never found anything remotely like it.

Last night we were sat in a bar in Bangkok and were talking about how we’d never hear the song again. Minutes later some Chinese tourists sat next to our table, one of the guys spilt his beer and some went on my foot and so we got talking. Emma pounced on the opportunity to ask them if they knew the song so she sung it as best as she could, they joined in with her! They told us what the main lyric was so we’ve now found it on Youtube 🙂

So here you go, sit back and relax…

2 thoughts on “Soundtrack to our time in China

  1. Ahhh thats such a sleepy relaxing tune! Bet that’s not the usual china madness music? You guys sound like your home sick from china? Xx

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